Bitclub Network 90 Day Bitcoin Mining Review ROI Results

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I am mining my Bitcoin with Bitclub Network one of the top 10 mining companies in the world and you can see us on a 3rd party site which is the biggest in the world (Bitclub Network) showing people who the top miners in the world are. It doesn’t get any better than this as far as confirmation. We are the ONLY crowdfunding group in the top 10 in the world you can join and grow a business around if you so chose to do so.

If you do NOT want to refer anyone at all that is fine also your investment will make you money without referring a single person and that is PASSIVE MINING. My results on this video are only PASSIVE.

For ACTIVE MINING (referring others to this investment) watch this video @

To get started on Passive Bitcoin Mining send me a private message on my facebook page @ and i’ll guide you through my 3 simple steps to Bitcoin Mining. But if you want to jump in right away, sign up at and i’ll get notified and contact you for guidance.

Contact me by email @

Find my Bitcoin and Blockchain Playlist here

Also keep watching on my blogs because i’ll be updating more information about Bitcoin and the Blockchain technology @

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NguQobo says:

how is it working for you now?

kevin mwati says:

link please

jefferies peresu says:

Hi Gladys. May you give us an update of your mining. Bitcoin dropped from $16000 to $6500

FX JENBU - The Indipendent Businessman says:

I have a question…about mining..if I invest today $599..then when they are start to shares..Please…reply

Kami-E says:

Hello word to everyone if you are interested in this investment and need a sponsor please hit me up and I can walk you thru the enrollment process

Kumbai Letu says:

Hi pls I want your email address pls

Masiza Mntungwa says:

Hi how long does it take to earn 10% commission on your first team

Funmi Akande says:

Good job Gladys. Permission to use your video as my recruiting tools.

Haaris Miah says:

Hi there, after thoroughly analysing your claim. I think you lost money. Had you invested your $600 on the purchase of bitcoin on the 10th sept when the price was $4100 a coin then you could have owned 0.1463 bitcoin and that translates to $2443. So in other words you really didnt make money if you take bitcoin inflation into account? Bit Club network unfortunately is becoming like other ponzi scheme where you start relying on recruitment of members rather than the product stacking up for itself

Markus W says:

Hi hi I was not so convinced of BCNW but your video has made it easier for me to believe in the network I want to get in with 500$, sponsor I already have …. Thanks for your video Greetings from Germany

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