Bitclub Network 2018 Hashpower PREVIEW

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The Bitclub Network will add several hardware batches in the upcoming months. As a shareholder you directly profit from these extra gains by getting higher daily payouts. Good luck in the GIVEAWAY!

Genesis Mining
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Bitclub Network
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sunny decree says:

Bitclub Network
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Mohamad Hasbie Busri says:

Bila anda withdraww 30% Reinvest transaction dogecoin lagi laju, bila laju dogecoin lagi naik , bila naik anda lagi untung !!!!!
Dogecoin telah menemui jln networking 20doge ini bg menaikkan harga dogecoin sbb itu wujudnya platform komunity 20doge oleh dogecoin !!!!
Luar biasa kita adalah org2 awal yg bisa jutawan !!!!!

Nikmati secara sedap withdrawww setiap minit …
Mana nak cari withdrawww setiap minit !!!!
5 minit paling cepat clear !!!
Masuk payer card bole shoping kat paris london .. hujung tahun kita buat trip london paris team 20doge shoping guna dogecoin !!!!!

#2 bln lps 0.000201
Sikalang 0.001310

Ondrej Korinek says:

Great video Sunny. I have made some calculations and if you do not recruit, it is better leave your Bitcoin in your wallet. I give you my example. I have 21 days of mining and no recruiting. I made $23.83 so far on $500 pool, on $1000 pool I would have $48.32 and on $2000 $100.40. Total $172.56 in 21 days. If I kept my Bitcoin in my wallet I would have made $371.53 + $743.10 + $1,486.11 = 2,600.69. This is because Bitcoin went up so much. The investment $3500 would be still in my wallet which is $6,100.69 total with the profit.

Pipsie Lot says:

I'm a founder member of bitclub but getting 2 X Pool 3 may be better to accumulate BTC quicker. Reason: Pool 3 only uses 30% repurchase which is less than pools 1 and 2. I should have done that even if 2 X Pool 3 is $500 more than founder. What do you think?

Leyteris Orfanidis says:

pls make more video (if it is possible) about bitclub thanks a lot

ilim Dilim says:

What Btc price do you expect in 2018?


BroAlex says:

Hey from Latvia man! nice video, like!


Hase Fee says:

No Bitclub in the US 8-(

Deividas Gluoksnis says:

Hi,what your favorite cryptocurrency top 3?

Ramki Marichamy says:

Before B2X hardfork Bitcoin will reach $7000.. It's a cakewalk for Bitcoin.. What do you think?

Rick Dannen says:

Bit Club not available in the US of A

Cryptonizandote says:

Good review! waiting to see those Genesis Minning contracts! I want to buy!


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