Bitclub Mining Collapsed! 3 Arrested | SCAM Report

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Bitclub Mining Collapsed 3 Arrested | SCAM Report
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Three people have been charged with defrauding investors of $722 million, Matthew Brent Goettsche, 37, of Lafayette, Colorado, and Jobadiah Sinclair Weeks, 38, of Arvada, Colorado are charged by indictment with conspiracy to offer and sell unregistered securities.using promises of huge returns if they joined a cryptocurrency investing club while privately deriding their clients as “sheep” and “idiots,” the United States attorney’s office in New Jersey said on Tuesday.

Federal prosecutors said the defendants operated BitClub Network, a bogus investing scheme that they promoted in videos and in domestic and international trips as “the most transparent company in the history of the world” and “too big to fail.”

The network asked investors to join a pool to share in the earnings from Bitcoin mining, in which people race to unlock new Bitcoin by solving complex algorithms and verifying cryptocurrency transactions on a public ledger. The network said that it would invest in the hardware necessary to do the complex math and that its investors would reap the rewards, much like investors in a gold-mining operation.

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Thanks for watching guys


Fiifi Akonu says:

what do you make of TBC because i know guys are been scammed in africa again

badassram1 says:

What happens now..Is there any chance of getting funds back?

TommyThe Gun says:

I lost 10 k, it is possible to get my money back? Please help!


i invested, now my is money gone ?

Suraj Amg says:

Im lost 4000$

Andre Walker says:

These crypto scammers have no conscience, they pose as legit companies but in fact they are scammers, make your research well before investing with them. They will rip you of your hard-earned cash and disappear, I was a victim of Bitclub mining until I got help from consultant@archarielrecovery. com who helped me when I needed help the most and saved me from these scammers

paul lewis says:

What we need to do now is learn from this and do our homework for our next investment
don`t give in, you give in and you lose… there are non scam opportunities out there you
just got to look for them and do your homework and make sure 110 % that your next
investment is no scam !.

Chad White says:

I just got a bitcoin mining software some weeks ago and it works perfectly, I'm able to generate $400_$2500 worth of bitcoin weekly, all thanks to hacker Julian, you can contact him at Julianassange590@gmail

Nospix says:

Joe Able has always been a clown.

same chirwa says:

Bitclub network was not a scam. The only problem was the founder Rus Medlin, who oversold the shares . Greed caused tremedous drop in profits and he never fixed it . The other weakness is that he over extended the mining shares. The company was suppose to have more than 180,000 machines which is more than 2000Petahases of power and they just managed 100,000 machines and their hash power was stuck on 1000Petahashes as a result they failed to find more blocks in mining . As mining difficulty increased, the power could not make it in mining resulting in total collapse of Bitclub . The law enforcement agents are after Rus Medlin not these guys who have been arrested.

Ashok sha S says:

Withdrawal is working or not?

harry n says:

I'm glad you mentioned karat bars. That's another scheme that's going to end badly

Esti Avisti says:

I prefer to stick with Forex

Micheal Ville says:

To me miningethack1btc@gmail. com seem like a fraud to me until the day I start to earn you can contact him miningethack1btc@gmail. com +19167786575

Ebrahim M says:

Wow shit hit the fan !

Ebrahim M says:

Wow shit hit the fan !

Amos Nkonyeni says:

Money and fools part ways so easily!

Spencer J. says:

About time , i knew something was fishy with that one

Ntsika Nyiba says:

Been waiting for a long time for this scam to go belly up. Shame to those who lost money but let this serve as a warning: DO YOUR OWN F**KING research

Black page says:

Weeks always seems like a fraud to me since the first time I heard about bitclub… he just kept laughing and saying we going to make a lot of money!!!

Crypto money team says:

Wow thought this was one of the real ones, just got one more platform left and then all the platforms invested in the crypto boom would of gone bust..

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