Binance Copy Trading Tutorial (How to Copy Trade)

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Binance copy trading tutorial – how to copy trade on Binance
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0:00 Binance copy trading tutorial
0:30 Copy trading overview
4:57 Copy trader page
7:17 Binance copy trading
9:59 Copy details
16:48 Management
18:07 Risks

Binance Futures:

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MoneyZG says:

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jad al khoury says:

Also i have noticed some trades i cant go and they send a mail that insufficient copy-balance
Is it due to the fixed amount and fixed ratio
As i gave cost order of 10$ and margin of 50$ to test the traders
But i cant see consistency in the opening entry either

jad al khoury says:

How to change from fixed amount to fixed ratio after you chose the trader
And what is the best setting to put ?
I have tried to change to fixed ratio for some traders
The option is not showing …
Is it because i have open traders and i need to close them first
And pick the trader again

jad al khoury says:

What are the best variables for lower risks and highest profit
To include under the fixed amount

Gregory Tube26 says:

Sir please if I want to do copy trade,can I get profit daily?

Mix Hail says:

Futures referral code maybe?

Victor says:

Absolutely! Reef is shaping up to be a game-changer in the crypto space. Its commitment to innovation and continuous improvement is impressive. Keep an eye on Reef, I believe we'll see some exciting developments ahead!

Rich Smith says:

Please be very careful who you copy trade. I lost money with some of them on Bybit.
Some will throw all your margin in bad trades, they use cross leverage instead of isolated and use high leverage chasing alt coins.
1 guy i followed stats showed he only traded BTC and ETH, then randomly one day he threw 70% of my copy trade into an alt that collapsed.

Personally id avoid and learn some TA and find some good indicators.

Kevin Keller says:

Could you please do a tutorial on the JDB trading bot?

Grow YouTube Views says:

Learning with you is a blast

चौहान जी says:

price goes up every two weeks

Keys 23 says:

If Binance says, he knows

jayiix says:

I’m unable to use ByBit in the U.S
These restrictions are mere temporary barriers to overcome. Thank you James

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