Beware of coinbase frozen funds!

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Just want everyone to be aware of this when using coinbase to make money online. If you are making money online I would highly suggest opening a blockchain wallet and filtering every transaction through your blockchain wallet!
I’ll leave links below to open a blockchain wallet anda coinbase wallet
Good luck with all your online endeavors everyone!

Link to open a Blockchain wallet:
(click create a free bitcoin wallet)

Link to open a coinbase account:

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Däs Oubliette says:

CaptainKip, how the hell do you get these clowns to respond to you? I've been sitting on some coin for a while and when trying to sell it back into my bank for dollars, they've got me jammed up with errors and then got locked out of attempting to "update my address", which seemingly is preventing me from selling. Pretty frustrating company and their customer service is terrible. Any tips?

Rob Clay says:

Hey Kip
 Coinbase does suck bad Two days no bitcoin,paid over a week ago

Spicy J says:

How long does it typically take for coinbase to transfer balance to bank accounts ?

Francisco Zamora says:

I just got Terminated which is Bullshit!

Jon Kim says:

Coinbase is a crapshoot! Avoid it completely!

aloqwolf ghazi says:

Good info brother… Thanks

Redant23 says:

I am new to bitcoin, do you think they might stop letting people use bitcoin on Kratom sites if it becomes illegal or regulated?

Pisces Traits- Rule 373 says:

Thanks man! Can you do a video on how to move your coins from coinbase app on phone to hardware wallet plz …

James Isaac Smith says:

Great Stuff Kip.

Michael Mwakazi says:

what if i use coinbase through Coinpayments?

ezrhino100 says:

its called using hardware, NOT software. you need to get a hardware wallet. just going on to another site to store your coins is kicking the can down the road. like gold, you don't have it, unless its in your hand.

This Guy says:

KeepKey might be a good option too, its a cold storage with warm wallet capabilities. Meaning you store your private keys offline, but you plug the device in to a computer to make a transaction. In doing so, the device keeps your keys safe because when you are making a payment, you don't have to type the private key into the computer where key loggers can be tracking your activity. Anyways, just wanted to throw that one out there too.

Canal_13 says:

Captain, coinbase became offline today. (You can see in their twitter support account) I can´t open my dashboard, but I Can send money and receive.(Made tests). Are you having the same problem with the coinbase dashboard? Thanks

Kyle Cook says:

If I'm using Genesis mining with my Coinbase wallet will they take away my money? Thinking about switching to block chain thanks again

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