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With an ever-changing digital world, new innovations are constantly being made and utilized. Since the start of blockchain technology people have looked for a way to bring its power to the masses, what we do here at CoinPayments is bridge the gap for merchants and costumers in a very simplistic way. Accepting coins or tokens from your favorite projects should not be a difficult thing to do, that is why we created CoinPayments. Here is Girl Gone Crypto with an overview of the best crypto payment solution with some features and tools you can utilize in your E-Commerce, pop-up shop, or retail stores.

🔮🔮🔮 Vision 🔮🔮🔮
To enable a future of globally accessible commerce through effortless digital currency transactions.

Who is Coinpayments
Coinpayments was founded in 2013 and was not only the first cryptocurrency payment processor, but they are still the largest and most widely accepted today.

Largest Altcoin Payment Processor
In addition to accepting bitcoin, they are also the largest altcoin payment processor in the world. Coinpayments currently accept over 1900 different coins and that number is always growing.

This allows both brands and consumers to have more options. Brands and merchants can choose to accept cryptocurrencies that best line up with their own interests and consumers can have more options to spend their favorite coins.

Easy to Integrate/Plugins etc.
Coinpayments offer plugins for all of the popular web-carts used today such as Shopify, Woo Commerce, Opencart, Magento, and more. It only takes a few moments to download the plugin and start accepting cryptocurrency on your site.

Merchant Tools
Coinpayments offers a variety of merchant tools to help support their partners. They offer resources for a variety of needs such as website buttons, donation options, Point of Sale interfaces, shopping cart buttons, payment notifications, and more.

Now with any payment processor, one of the biggest things to look for is the fee structure. This is really where cryptocurrencies shine as they offer much lower fees than traditional fiat currencies. Coinpayments is an industry leader when it comes to offering low fees and allows merchants to accept over 1900 coins at only a 0.50% fee.

Auto Coin Conversion/Multi-Coin Wallets
So let’s say that you are accepted a variety of different coins through CoinPayments… what do you do with them now? Coinpayments offers a variety of options. You can easily convert it into your local fiat currency such as the US dollar or euro. You can hold and store the coins in their multi-coin wallet. You can also enable their auto-coin conversion feature – so that if you have a certain cryptocurrency you’d prefer to be paid in such as bitcoin, litecoin or ethereum, but you’d still like to accept a larger variety of coins – you can have your transactions automatically converted to that currency – saving you the trouble of moving funds, wasting time and fees.

Buy Gift Cards with Crypto
In addition to offering brands and merchants a way to accept cryptocurrency – Coinpayments also gives consumers an easy way to buy gift cards to their favorite stores and brands with their crypto. Consumers can quickly buy gift cards from hundreds of retailers such as Adidas, Best Buy, Hulu, Lowe’s, Nike, and Uber using their favorite cryptos such as bitcoin, litecoin, ethereum or tether.

Coinpayments also just partnered with the world’s largest digital asset exchange Binance to support their BNB token. BNB is the native coin of the main Binance Chain and has historically been used as a way to pay for trading fees on the Binance Exchange – CoinPayments merchants are now able to select BNB as a payment option and Binance community members can immediately begin to spend their tokens with CoinPayments vendors.

Constantly Innovating/ Pay by Name Feature
When looking for the best bitcoin payment gateway to work with… there are a lot of factors to consider. Things like if they provide excellent service, have an easy user experience, tons of payment options, easy integration, and low fees – but another thing to consider is how they are innovating and improving the payment industry. Coinpayments are not only the oldest and largest crypto payment processor – but they are arguably the most innovative as well.

For example… they just released their “Pay by name feature” which allows users to have one unique tag to receive payments from all coins. This simplifies the crypto experience in a secure way.

Closing Thoughts
I hope you have found this overview of Coinpayments to be helpful. If you’d like to learn more or get in contact with the team – please go to Also, don’t forget to subscribe for more tips and information on incorporating cryptocurrency payments into your business.

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