BeOnPush Scam? Yes It Is In My Opinion!

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Click the following link to check my facts on the BeOnPush scam:

Ponzi schemes like to use the cover of a money making method that few people understand to hide the reality that they are paying early investors using the investments of later investors. In the original Ponzi scheme Charles Ponzi promised clients a 50% profit within 45 days, or 100% profit within 90 days, by buying discounted postal reply coupons in other countries and redeeming them at face value in the United States as a form of arbitrage. There have been endless versions of this type of scam run all around the world. My subscribers have requested that I take a look into the BeOnPush money making opportunity. Here is what I have found.


toni to says:

I don't know my friend what the fuck is going on with this beonpush but for many months im tryeing to contact support team and they give me banned .this company is just peac of shit nothing more .when I get in on this after 1 month they start having problems with server and shit how they say it .and they give us shares for 1 month after that they start moveing server to Dubai and after BANNED FUCCCCKKKK YOUUUUU ALLLLLL STILLING MONEY FUCK YOU AND FUCK THIS SHITI BEONSHIT

DjaniX evin says:

Thanks !! you were so right it is a scam and they are expanding the fraudulent company.. is there anything that can be done to stop this mafia ?

Aaron Marroquin says:

How about religion? When are you gonna make a video about the granddaddy of all scams?

Labersack says:

what about questra? is it a scam?

Power Lead System Training says:

Beon was a big scam. Trust me, I was in it.

I'm very much the type of person who does their homework before joining anything and I mean read all terms and conditions, look up information on the owner, find out what other businesses they have running or have ran in the past to see the credibility or lack there of, etc. I piss off a lot of people in the community because I had never ever just jumped on the wagon because everyone else did, until Beon. I have no idea wth I was thinking, but I decided to do something different and just try it out as it was not going to cost me anything. They allowed gifting inside of Beon so another member sent me 20.00 bucks inside of Beon to buy a pack.

With that, my money did grow I will admit and it was nice then all of a sudden BAM! I order my payout and it doesn't get sent. Then they come up with some crap story about how all payments are on hold while they eliminate fraudulent accounts within the system. This went on for a long time. They stopped paying out on the packs and nobody could receive funds.

Of course their Support was non existent. You could send a ticket but never receive an answer. They kept everyone in the dark. Giving short reasons for delays blah blah.

Then one day we log in and notice our packs are gone and have been converted into "Shares"

So basically what Beon did was use investors money to start a new business called BeonTel which is a new company selling some extravagant cellphone. We were offered the opportunity to hold the shares that we were now given, or we could have a 2 week time frame to sell those shares back to them for a full refund… well, here's the kicker AGAIN as the scam continues…

Many people were pissed and wanted to sell their shares to recover those funds, but the only way you could do that was to get your account verified first which required you sending in your passport information.

Because the system is not based in the US they would no allow US citizens to send in state ID's or drivers licenses and there were many people without passports. I have one but I'm not going to send that sensitive info to a company that has already proven they are thieves and is based out of Afghanistan. For the ones who did send in their info, BeonTel made sure that they were so slow in approving the verification, that many people missed out on the 2 week window therefore losing their money forever.

This was the very first and the VERY LAST time I ever get into something I have not thoroughly researched. I constantly see my fellow marketers going down in all these pop up businesses. the same people who criticize me for being skeptical and wanting to do my own research.

Please everyone, don't fall for hype. It is your responsibility to learn about the site and people running it before joining. Both business I am in are solid, legal and 1 has been around for almost 20 years and the other for over 40. Those are sustainable businesses, not the pop up hype ones you see everyday.

Those cater bigtime to Attraction Marketing. If you are not sure what that is, Ethan has a great video on this technique right here on his channel.

Please don't let these things discourage you from all businesses online. There are real legit and sustainable ones out there. Anything that promises a fast return, be weary of. Be willing to work to build a business online.

Keep up the good work Ethan and I hope my story can help be a lesson to many others as proof.

Global Channel says:

Leave YouTube dumb dope ethan

Mike Bomb says:

bion push scam controling payza and payeer down for having bion push accounts reactivated

ksp 7653 says:

Beonpush is now closed. They are trying to reboot as Beontel.

Djabrael says:

hi i share the point of scam of beonpush today too. Because my account is off and weeks before they give me a negative amount of my value dont know why. No answer from support always. What i know today over FB, that beonpush himsel found out that the members alots catch the provision with open multipli accounts, own failed shit happens.
Dont follow or try these beonpush make no sense

vasco dossantos says:

great video,,, Ethan i want to know, which way is is legit way make money on the internet…..

Stain Goran says:

Yes I agree this is really a scam. I did purchase packs and then company saying we made fraud saying single user manage multiple user account. and they made my wallet to negative.

Jean Feulant says:

Another Ponzi Scheme is : Kairos Planet .. take care folks

amir izat says:

the balance on ewallet start become negative(-) and you even can't withdraw your money now.So, we can see now that beonpush starting to show their true self.And it had been a week since the problem started.

rang ari says:

It is unfair Appeal.!!!
And exploitation of investors' money.
BEONPUSH SCAM This is 100% true.
Great people There were harmed.
Who are you there?
Then please call the police.

BEONPUSH? If you have conscience,
Give me back the money invested!
PAYEER: P26315720
PAYEER: P26315720

Eerlangga Rizaldy says:

So, beonpush is a scam? Like others ponzi and moneygame?? I joined beonpush 2 weks ago because of my friend told me about it… I trust him because he never invite me to join scam business before..

Ronnell areta says:

Ethan you research uber and lyft if it's a scam

Nicolas Spoiden says:

for informations withdrawal is ok with payza and work. no problem. payeer soon. transfer ok. some people was fake ID and took 2 or 3 times money that they CAN T receive. Leaders gone to Dubai and saw RTB and other clients of beonpush. so the first bug and everybody cry. keep calm Beonpush is there ok and for more times!

Haroune Serehali says:

Hi Ethan, can you give us some informations about some opportunities that are real and honest ?. thank you.

rang ari says:

Cash withdrawal Why block?
Exploitation of investors' money
It has been blocked.
The fraudulent company.
Call the police.

The money of many investors in Korea leader (People)
Both were extorted.
Withdrawal blocked
Millions of people are crying.

Call the police.
Call the police.
Call the police.
Call the police.

just make money says:

i don't think it's scam.there is no society more transparent than this

Tom Trueheart says:

Great video, Ethan! I just subscribed to your channel!

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