BeonPush Scam – The Truth Revealed Here!

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This is a video that addresses the scam rumors about a brand new opportunity called BeonPush. In my honest opinion all of the BeonPush Scam rumors are only created by other marketers in efforts to creating more traffic to their websites, videos, etc. I show proof in this video the BeonPush is not a scam and it really works as described.

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Agris Cirulis says:

For those who are tired of Bitcoin-cranes!

I propose to create a workable structure on site.

1) Login 500,000 Satoshi on the first landing.

2) The project is present seven areas that need to be "close"
by attracting participants. plus marketing that came from each site enough to
ensure that one half of it left itself, and the second – to make the transition
to the next, a more expensive platform, which works on the same principle.

3) After the close of each site there is an automatic Reinvest in the
same area. And every participant in your already finished, the structure also
becomes Reinvest under you on the second, third, fourth … itd. circle. Ie,
once enclosed area brings you profit constantly.

4) Marketing Project provides automatic play of all participants !!
Since the first party line casts only two participants invited others are
placed in the structure of the top down-from right to left. Moreover, the
iridescence work indefinitely in depth, but are not limited to the bottom line
of your site.

5) If all goes perfectly, it is possible to grow $ 2 dollars at the
entrance to 1800 Bitcoin

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CT says:

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