Beonpush Review & Introduction Presentation Video- What is Beonpush and How Does it Work

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Close In this video, I am going to give you the review of the beonpush advertising and revenue sharing opportunity. The Beonpush presentation video will explain to you exactly what it’s all about and how you can get started today.

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Hon says:

For anyone who wants to join Beonpush, below is a free signup link to join my network:

You must hop on the boat early! This is a great opportunity!

If you have any question please just send me an e-mail or I will send you one when you have joined 🙂

Jon Walsh says:

“Ponzi schemes like to use the cover of a moneymaking method that few people understand to hide the reality that they are paying early investors using the investments of later investors,”

Thomas M says:

If you are interested in joining beonpush and create your account you can join my team 🙂

Jon Walsh says:

I run an ad agency, and we spend over $100k per month on RTB, and I have worked in digital media for 16+ years. Beonpush are not in the RTB industry. Have a look at or who talk about the real RTB industry. Real companies like Pubmatic, Rubicon Project, MediaMath, Appnexus etc – These are all tech companies.

What actually is Beonpush? No one (including the CEO) can or will answer that. For them to be real, they must be one of the following:

An Ad exchange
An outsourced agency trading desk.

More money in in investment does not equate to buying more advertising – more advertising demand does. Advertising impressions are ephemeral by their nature, so a company is unable to buy them today, and sell them tomorrow – it doesn't work like that. Even if it was possible to work like that, RTB is there to shorten the distance between the media owner and the advertiser – why would an advertiser accept paying more for their impressions from a third party? Why would a media owner accept a cheap price for an impression from a third party? The very fact that RTB works on an auction basis means that Beonpush cannot exist.

Happy to have a more in depth conversation on the minutiae of how RTB works and why BeonPush is a fantasy company because it doesn't fit into the the RTB landscape with you or any of the other affiliates.

Christine B. Williams says:

Thanks, for another successful income stream for us. I am in 🙂 <3

Valentin Negron says:

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Hasan Sealey says:

Just sign up under you just gotta get a payza account, one of my favorites cartoon to

J Lee says:

Thunder Thunder Thunder Thunder Cats lol

Crypto Jeff says:

I love the thunder cats that is my show lol

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