BeOnPush Review 2016 – HONEST Be On Push SCAM WARNING!

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BeOnPush Review
BeOnPush Review

BeOnPush FAKE NEWS video! Get your “breaking news story” to the WORLD for only $5 on Fiverr (below), LOL:

Ok so lets get on with this BeOnPush Review…

Lets start of with the person running the shenanigans:

Identified as CEO of BeOnPush in the fake news video on the BeOnPush website, is a “Ferki Demirovski”.

On his Facebook profile Ferki Demirovski sets his location as Brussels, Belgium. Rather than the UK or Luxembourg, more than likely, this is where BeOnPush is being operated out of.

Demirovski took up his CEO position with BeOnPush in August and is supposedly also the owner of the company.

The Product:

BeOnPush does not have an actual retailable products or services, only affiliates who market the BeOnPush affiliate membership itself.

The Investment Compensation Plan:

The BeOnPush compensation plan has affiliates “investing” in “investment packs” of up to $10,000.

BeOnPush affiliates are also paid to recruit new investors into the ponzi scheme.

Investment Pack ROIs

BeOnPush offer affiliates invest in eight investment packs, with up to $10,000 able to be invested at a time.

A 150% ROI is advertised on the BeOnPush website. If you invest more, you will have a higher daily ROI paid out:

– $20 investment pack = 1x daily ROI
– $50 investment pack = 1.05x daily ROI
– $100 investment pack = 1.1x daily ROI
– $200 investment pack = 1.15x daily ROI
– $500 investment pack = 1.2x daily ROI
– $1000 investment pack = 1.3x daily ROI
– $5000 investment pack = 1.4x daily ROI
– $10,000 investment pack = 1.5x daily ROI

BeOnPush website advertise a daily interest rate of between 0.5 to 3.5%.

The referral compensation plan:

BeOnPush pay referral commissions on investments made by recruited affiliates, paid out in two levels:

– investments by personally recruited affiliates (level 1) pays 13%
– investments by affiliates recruited by level 1 affiliates (level 2) pays 2%

I could go on and on with all of this but I think you get the idea.

There is NO product, you are essentially shuffling money from one “investor” to the next. If Demirovski found the Holy Grail of investments, why would he need you investing 10k back into the system?

This will most likely go on for a while as BeOnPush continues on in the hopes new investment will pick up.

At some point, Ferki Demirovski or whoever he is working with are going to shut it down, rather than pay out the funds they have taken for themselves.

This is the inevitable BeOnPush implosion, leaving the majority of investors with NADA, ZIP, ZERO.

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In service,

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