Being a YouTuber with Depression with Alana Arbucci

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@Alana.Arbucci was so open and vulnerable with sharing a very personal experience with her battle with depression, and how therapy helped her cope with depression and being a full-time YouTuber. This interview is so important for everyone, whether you have faced mental health struggles like Alana has, or whether you have a hard time with certain aspects of being a content creator. I really hope you enjoy this episode and let me know how this interview resonates with you!

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0:00 – Introduction
0:20 – How Alana got started on Youtube
5:27 – Figuring out a work-life balance as a YouTuber
9:10 – Alana’s depression story
21:48 – Therapy vs. Medication
26:36 – Sharing mental health struggles on YouTube
30:20 – Learning how to “turn off” as a content creator
36:07 – What is your #1 struggle with YouTube?
36:21 – If you could start over, what would you do differently?
36:57 – What is your favorite video you’ve done?
37:43 – What is your #1 tip for preserving your mental health as a creator?
38:38 – Have you ever wanted to give up?
39:11 – Any video you uploaded that you were excited about but bombed?
40:13 – What’s the biggest opportunity you’ve gotten as a content creator?
41:37 – What’s kept you going?
43:35 – What is your YouTube Superpower?
44:25 – What is your #1 piece of advice for someone starting on YouTube?
46:00 – Connect with Alana
46:47 – Ready to grow your YouTube channel? head to

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So glad Alana shared more about her mental health journey in this interview. Also makes me more inspired to finally start going to therapy . Love how open and real she is

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