BCH Bitclub Network Illuminati – Roger Ver & Russ Medlin Meeting

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The Bitclub Network will only accept Bitcoin Cash for payments starting at the 1st of Febuary 2018. Also commissions are only getting paid in BCH. The BTC mining won’t be affected. Are you happy?

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Bitclub Network
» Registration: http://bitclub.bz/investmentaccount

» Registration: https://hashflare.io/r/E2A5DDF9

» Registration: https://goo.gl/aHLwbB

» Registration: https://www.binance.com/?ref=16553332

» Purchase: https://www.ledgerwallet.com/r/f7c4

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David Ellis says:

Don't bother with Bitclub Network. 0.0001btc/day from $500 pool. 0.0002btc/day from pool 2. Currently I'm getting 0.0018btc/day from 1 s9

Aldrin Holmes says:

I wanted to get into Bitclub Network but after the whole Bitconnect fiasco I'm giving this a second thought for passive income. I'd like to know what do you think about this?

Wohambi says:

Love your channel, Sunny. You are my favourite crypto youtuber. Keep up the good work! David

George Oguda says:

that illuminati meeting is special in setting the stage for Bitcoin Core pump not Bitcoin Cash price pump which will only be for a year or so then BTC will take its true place as KING!

Kurt W. says:

Bitconnect just shut down!!!!!!!!

hoddlers uk says:

What do you think, if bitcoin cash becomes number 1 coin on coinmarketcap (let's say after 6 months) then how much will be approximate transaction cost with bitcoin cash?any estimates?

c4shmon3y says:

screw anything trying to dethrone papa BTC they will implement lightning network and destroy all heathens.

Ken Semotiuk says:

Silver and Gold are 2018

Ken Semotiuk says:

Cryptos are so 2017

ice The Purge says:

i dont have any bitcash and i am not planing on geting any i just dont think its good just a fud coin

James Davidson says:

Sellin' your arse for BCH? Kiss Roger from me.

Albam mehur says:

I have 60 dollars and i won't invest it on Bitcoin cash 😛 ltc- LSbhJwas8tBnj6cETBpAk2SrY5NZSUpxHh

Rizwan Ullah says:

Hey Sunny, have they implemented a cash machine anywhere in the world so you can transfer out your cryptocurrency to fiat? LPXUxZDb6QqgRQLv6GapxRCgx5MQYdyQHv

El Em says:

Interesting video but the screen of the ATM said 1btc=513 Euros, so is it an old video? Do you have any updates about what it happening with the ATMs right now? Many thanks, Elena! LP8Qhd541ghPMckjwpnh1XiDc1SvnZsewJ

samp1117 P says:

Sunny. You're a dumb mother fucker. Get it through your head no one wants btc. Btc is complete garbage. Bch is bitcoin, this is what you do not get.. you shouldn't even have a you tube channel because you do not know the difference…

Valdas Nevulis says:

Yeah… Thats fu**ed up.. You have a point, but I think they all just looking for better profit, as we all do, thats normal, and changes, seeking for better is always good! And I cant understand why BTC not making changes, upgrades on their system, I dont think so that they actually needs so much time to make changes, meanwhile they are multi millionares. In my opinion, they are doing thaton purpose, I bet they have that system, new technology, just they have their plans, maybe waiting for good moment to blow this market!! We all know that… making bitcoin faster and cheaper…….. Bitcoin could shoot to the moon.. But still, Iam a BTC fan and thats just making me angry.. Nice video man as always, I can see you are happy youtubing lol Sorry for bad english, Waiting for next video!!!


User Offline says:

What is your opinion on ETHconnect and China at the moment?


Join The Revolution says:

That video with Russ, Roger Ver and antpool guy was held last April, as it was loaded then there.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KPCMag83to
I have been in Bitclub over 6 months. I like this move, that we get Bitcoin Cash.

hisgr8nessmadzak says:

Let's hope that Lightning network technology is going to save the day for bitcoin fees, if not, well we might witness Bitcoin autodestruction .

Litecoin: LS8QC9GK5RdGhf92vHmdvu5eP9KFnheLfy

Darth Lego says:

This is a completely political and pro centralized Bcash move. If they actually cared about maximizing speed and minimizing fees and making things most usable for customers they would have used Litecoin.
LTC: LWU6ZDoveMiBn1eY1n6ft5LWJPusTEBi2y

Lee Leefu says:

What would you do with 7000$?


Friedrich Kerschbaumer says:

Hi Sunny, I like your videos very much. I am with Bitclub as well and I am happen with the payin payout solution with Bitcoin Cash. Anyway it is only temp solution anyhow. This is my opinion. Greetings from Dubai, Fritz (here my LTC wallet: LV1LbTimAkcDEQTpG536SV2k33wQdjQuzh )

impatient potato says:

i just bought a whole bitty coin to hodl

B.N Shah_BTC says:

Thanks man awesome share video


Vassell2k says:

I think BTC growth should be organic and not forced. BTC will always be the store of value. If you want low fees and faster transactions, use litecoin

Max Bissolati says:

I'm not a supporter of Bitcoin Cash, but I think it's an OK solution for the meanwhile until the Lightning Network is fully operational for Bitcoin and that should resolve most of the issues we have right now. Thanks Sunny


Fanis Malfas says:

Roger has a plan. He is trying to get pools (miners) with his side. By doing that, bitcoin will have less mines, many unconfirmed transactions, which means bigger fees. People will stop using bitcoin, price coin will drop, and bcash will go up……Roger does anything he cans, to raise bcash price, but with my point of view, he chose the sneaky way to do it. I dont think i have ever seen a coin or a CEO which trying on purpose to f@ck a coin (bitcoin), for earning more money….

Crypto Trading Group says:

BitCoin Fees are too High!    Converting to ETH….    Took a profit from EOS $9 – $14


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