Apex Pros Explain Why Crypto is INSANE Now | S12 Apex Legends

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Dillon Halsted says:

Crypto, revenant, ash is an insane comp rn

dominic schiro says:

People need to stop making so many vids of crypto! The devs nerfed the shit outta octane bc there was so much content on him so they just figured he was the best legend! If you keep making content like this they might just remove the buff! This was such a needed thing for crypto and the more content people make of it the more likely we are to lose the buff,n

SoggyDwarf says:

Another inspiration gameplay

Revenant says:

I’ve been playing crypto for years. His emp needs a buff

Garrett Goerl says:

So stupid they got rid of punch boosting but tap strafe is still there…

Derek Derek playmaker says:

Bro you know you can move the drone with double Q and you move it 🙂

Ryan Smith says:

Hit diamond 2 today , made masters last two seasons. Just want to say how much I appreciate your iq dog lmao. You made me so much better. Roller community loves you too man

GoldDog82 says:

Finally us crypto mains can come out of hiding

FriedAce says:

I was a very proficient crypto main before the buff but the buff makes it so much easier to scan enemies during a fight which was the weakest part of crypto before imo .I knew most people only played crypto for his emp , which is fine, but now using crypto aggressively is way more accessible and easy however the skill ceiling can still be high which I like a lot.


Came to learn what the pros thought about crypto currency, stayed for the interesting game …


found it interesting, have to try him, mby needs some tweaks…but at least looks viable for pub comps or even soloq
love the fact they brought back hammerpoints, shotguns we're becoming mandatory again and now there's some variety


I will miss the days when very good cryptos have the utmost respect

Clexious S says:

thanks sweet you just made me the best cryp this game will ever see, hope you see me.

Mayor Of SexyTown says:

Love him now. Hes all was using last night and before this buff i wouldn't touch him.

XxMaxwellxX says:

Bro I love you but you gotta shave dawg

ZER0 says:

And people still going to use the same legends lol

Judas Blewit says:

The buff was ok but still needs work.

Ichoric 97 says:

While the new update is good, there's a few parts that still don't quite get him up there yet

-Drone now has 50 hp 2-3 hits and that sucker is gone for 40 seconds

-When you toss the drone forward it only travels 23m. Meaning when you emp if you want to avoid getting hit you need to take 3 steps back.

-The drone itself is highly visible, easy to hit and its about as subtle as a static tv even while idle

-While the drone scan now is amazing he still lacks a genuine passive ability.

-There are still several window types that prevent scanning.

I'm not dissing his ability or his buff on terms I think he's a great character especially when played right. However he's still very team oriented, and will need to heavily rely on proper coordination especially in ranked playlists.

The Shadow says:

Did they increase the range of the emp

Like Shaggy says:

It's soooo loud now tho. And it only has 50 hp. Its trash low key

Boliver Shagnasty says:

Ult on Alt for me

Bruv says:

I've been playing crypto he's so fun

Jaime Santamaria s says:

It was more of a nerf

Stan Ley says:

how can it be , that sweet opens 1 bin , bam instantly mozam + hammers . i played for 6 hours today and havent found one

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