Apex Legends CRYPTO Pro Tips & Tricks (New Season 3 Legend)

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Apex Legends CRYPTO Pro Tips & Tricks (New Season 3 Legend) A quick guide to the newly added character with the season 3 “Meltdown” battlepass! With this video you will be able to sign in and have the advantage against other players in the apex arena. Good luck and go get some wins!

In this video we talk about:
Apex Legends Crypto
Apex Legends New Update
Apex Legends 2019

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Battle Royale Guides says:

What do you guys think of the new legend? Like or hate him?

Not Martin says:

I bought him but I’m soo bad as him

Leobadfish says:

My strategy would be a crypto bloodhound and wraith, you could sit and watch with your team and point out enemies until youre ready to push, and then wraith portals into the marker where the enemies are, meanwhile if someone manages to get away bloodhound has that covered, also have a getaway being wraith, and crypto with his wall hacks and emp if your teammates communicate and follow that strategy then you could pull wins all day..
I got like 10 wins the first day he came out and I was playing with randoms just pinging. Very powerful character if you have the communication and play in sync with eachother, the only way is for crypto to lead the squad though.. it's so easy to win with this character if you make it to top 3 shiit.

ll SueZ ll says:

You forgot the fact that if you fly his drone by the banners that show the champion squad it will tell you how many squads are in that 200 meter radius

Kinure says:

Throwing your drone out while sliding doesn’t not stop you from sliding so you can scout and slide down a hill to get moving while scouting the area you are sliding to.

tragedy of Darth Plagueis the Wise says:

Ok so i already master it and i've got some other tips in creation in my mind…

Mechiel Schoeman says:

What about Lifeline's Drone? can it also link to Crypto's like GB's Shield?

ken kaneki says:

Crypto isn't really that hard u just need more common sense into when to use his drone and when to emp

Brent Vigilia says:

You can use the banners to see how many enemies are around your drone

Muhammed Zain says:

The hypebeast himself

ThunderStar says:

Thanks for this little very useful video.

zero0netw0three says:

I’ve retrieved banners with the drone and respawned team mates up to 4 times in 1 game!

Crypto will definitely be nerfed soon

tearish says:

this came out just as i unlocked him!

Fortnite is trash says:

You can grapple on to the drone as pathfinder

Carlos dPR says:


GnR GanG ReD says:

Curti as informações do cripto

eLJayGG says:

Was so fun playing yesterday 😀 gonna keep it up tonight!!

FamousFaps says:

havent tried him out yet but keep the tips in mind for today >:)

XtinctFN says:

Thx for the tips mate ;D

DaRk6Niht AB says:

Im the first view

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