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Answering your questions about if we got engaged (again) and are going to have a wedding and get married, if we are buying a house in Florida and moving, if we are living together (if Steven moved into my apartment), and much more!

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C H says:

She sounds like Kylie Jenner

Elleitra says:

Videos starts at 2:51

Stav Sharoni says:

you should get married on 2/22/22

flavie says:


Camren Adams says:

Alana is literally so sweet, so transparent and so wise. Thank you for being you & I wish you and Steven all the best. ❤

Scarface 1985 says:

do you still get prp injections for your under eye area?if so how often do you get?

Not Your Average Abroad says:

Baby Girl, PLEASE don't tell all these people what times of the day you're alone. This can be dangerous for you. <3

Mvpqt_ says:

the dog is just adorableeeeeeeee!!!

Marilou CQ says:

You can like online shopping but shopping for a home needs to be in person and you need to go there to know if it’s right for you.. that’s totally normal if anything wanting to move somewhere without seeing it is less normal

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