Amazing5 Scam Clone CCC Wealth

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Amazing5 Scam Clone – CCC Wealth landed on my radar from some idiot who spammed his referral link on my other video:

I get a lot of spam comment bullshit. Referral links for Atlant Investments, SUV Funds, – even Amazing5. Jesus, feed me more scam bullshit frauds to expose why don’t you?

So is CCC Wealth a scam – do I really need to answer that?

You can’t make this shit up – a scam clone of a scam ponzi fraud!

Just Wow.

I mean take a look at their pathetic website and you tell me. And yet a large number of you still think Amazing5 is legit!

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Amazing5 Scam Clone CCC Wealth

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rui martins says:

this no doubt is another scam, thank you

Zachs Cheko says:

I agree with some of what you said about building an online sustainable business but your proof of these being a scam does not really make sense to me..Its baseless

Eddison Guerrero says:


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