Alex Becker's Disturbing Gaming Addiction

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Alex Becker wasn’t always the productivity god he is today and for many years he suffered a debilitating video game addiction.

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00:00 – Who is Alex Becker
01:30 – Alex’s take on gaming
03:11 – Constantly thinking about gaming
04:30 – Dopamine overload
05:53 – How to quit gaming
07:31 – Dopamine detox
09:56 – Does Alex Becker still play video games?







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Game Quitters says:

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Nie Mand says:

Alex Becker? Wow. That is not the best way to promote for quitting an actual non existing addiction. This man is addicted to something else. I mean his entire channel is all over it. Crypto currency. If he was this clever as he claims, he wouldn't talk about the same nonsense year in and year out. Or is it so bad that people have to lie to themselves when one addiction just replaces another? Ormaybe when the reality kicks in and you realize you weren't addicted at all? What really is it that which you hide so dearly from us?

Vaughan says:

I've done it and this channel was a very big help, the simple advice of replace it with something. I have started art and have not played video games in a year. For those trying to quit i wish you all the best of luck.
Don't feel like an imposter its just as bad as a drug addiction and should be taken seriously. Im proud of being able to quit and i garuntee if you do quit video games and get a hobby your life will take a turn for the best its hard but worth it, and completely possible.
Also if you fail try again, i failed quiting the first time and then gave up thinking it was hopeless i tried again failed again failed again failed but eventually i managed to quit.

Michael Langlois says:

Can someone tell me what happened to him he’s disappeared of the face of the earth

Hamburger Deluxe says:

Thnx helpful video but alex a bit of narcissistic bloke but ok

Pippy Pappy says:

Excellent video, didn't know about Alex, thanks!!

Dar... says:

Hello cam
From India here
Just to share with u and the community
I'm game free for more than 2 months now
Ocassionally played thrice in these days
Once with siblings which was fine
And once only for half an hour
And another Time for one and half hour
Currently the urges started to hit thinking that now I can control the gaming sessions and I won't get addicted
And sometimes I do get the feeling that I am missing something very important in life and if I have data I get into deep thinking that yes I'm missing something important in life
But the very next moment I question myself
1. can't I survive without these
2. What am I gaining in real life
3. I decided I dont need daily dose of gaming so why do I need to play

Then I just think about how I want the future to be
I dont want to be playing every free time I get
I have lots of things that i wanna do in my life in future
So i just dont play at all
Just some weak moments here and there
And I play once in 20 days once for not more that an hour

Lately I have been having urges of playing clash of clans
The idea of building village making strategies it all sounds fun
But I won't getting anything other than that mental satisfaction which is virtual so I'm not gonna give in
That's all
Thanks for everything u have done

Evan Shlom says:

Love videos like this. I wish Becker would go back to positive videos instead of the crypto grift.

Jay Tsunami says:

I understand.. and I used to have this sentiment.. but when you’re at where I am in life, gaming is so much better.

clerooth says:

This is a great summary of alex's opinions on gaming addiction. I have been following him for years and I agree with most points made. You should have mentioned the fact that he used his gaming addiction to fuel his motivation to learn game design and programming. that can be a great starting place for gamers who need a bigger purpose

Rainy.D says:

I prayed and God took away my desire to play video games. I havent played video games for a year now and I can't imagine playing them again. Video games were escapism for me from my mundane life. I have anxiety disorder and games helped me cope. Gaming also ticked many boxes for me such as : entertainment, feelings of achievement and excitement and acomplishment. Games took away boredom, made me feel like I had some important place to be, i made online friends, i had adventures.
The downside was waking up one day and having a terrifying realisation that I had completely wasted years of my life. There were times when my family would call me and i would resent them for intruding on my gaming time.
I now have no desire to waste my life on a virtual life, i prefer my organic life. My days seem longer and I do my art, crafts, read,do puzzles, workout, spend time outdoors, go out and enjoy my community. I feel less anxious and more productive. I have more topics of conversation cos im doing a variety of things, not just gaming.
My partner still plays games and i watch him sometimes and he looks like a zombie. It makes me sad cos he used to have hobbies and interests but now just works and plays games. We have discussed this and he is aware of his addiction but hes not ready to quit or even cut down his gaming hours. He's the one that got me into gaming…i joined him cos i felt alone all the time while he was off on some fantasy land.
You have to want to quit gaming and also really look at what might be missing in your life. Pray to God cos he can help you quit anything that is destroying your ability to live a joyfull and fulfilling life. ❤

Sunshine Dayz says:

Great video! Thank you Cam.

prisoner says:

I like him… but isn’t he developing a game right now?

Bleson says:

I find it disappointing that you're giving more visibility to a well known crypto bump and dump scammer

vykhy webdev says:

He just sold his company for $110 million !!

Vollay says:

I think the one problem I face when it comes to quitting gaming is I really have no clue where my life is going. I'm about to go to college and have just been playing games since I'm almost done with highschool and don't know what I could do that would be productive for me. It's like I feel that video games are my only source of actual progression (genshin is one of those things). I do tennis also which I am passionate for but anytime I'm not outside I usually just play games. I do want to practice things like drawing and writing but I don't see the point into doing any of those things. I might just be competitive by nature so maybe that's why I don't feel the need to do a lot of things. If you could offer some perspective that I'm missing I'd greatly appreciate it <3

XxDarKsHoTzxX says:

He might as well do heroin for christmas.

Lukas says:

very good video!

Secret says:

Good video!

MeLexdy says:

The most addictive video game genre is the mmo RPGs. Wow l2 etc, bottomless barrels

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