Alex Becker Has Made A BIG Mistake.

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Alex Becker Has Made A BIG Mistake

In Alex’s recent video he mentioned something that caught my attention. This video is not to discredit Alex Becker in anyway, just to bring a second opinion to the table and to poke some holes in his Crypto plans.

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Of course this is purely educational please do not blindly follow anyones ‘picks’ and make sure you do your own research! Definitely not financial advice.

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arran odoherty says:

2 months ago he said it was time to start buying . Trying to give him respect is hard when he comes constantly flip flops

Silent Sage says:

How do you talk with your entire top row of teeth showing? That shit is bizarre

daniel rickerbaker says:

I ll bet a lot of his followers are bottom fishing right now, In the alts, using their own mind.

daniel rickerbaker says:

I think you wish you had even 1/8th of what he has, for followers. I think it was a pretty good videographer had, there, Before the age of crybabies, people knew they could reflect on what he says and find YOUR PATH. AND TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR YOUR DECISION.

Josh says:

Best video you've made to date.

adamndirtyape says:

Well, I'm reasonably confident Bitcoin and Ethereum will be around 2, 5, or 10 years from now. All the rest? Maybe they do well, but maybe they pull a LUNA crash. So I actually think Becker is mostly right in his approach.

dwood says:

Great vid. Can you check out hex ?

Kevin Chambers says:

Becker is just shilling his derace bags. And neo tokyo.

Nick Brancaccio says:

Ok. I literally just listened to his latest video. You’re taking him out of context. You accomplished your unintentional goal. You’re a schmuck.

Nick Brancaccio says:

I’ll give 60 seconds out of curiosity but knocking others is a good way to make yourself look like a schmuck

Uros Uros says:

Only reason Becker made money in crypto is because he would buy low cap gaming coins then heavily promote them to dumb audience like you only to sell them at profit soon after promotions
When you have 1 million subs and you heavily promote your buys its not hard to make money in crypto

OJ Matthew says:

You're missing an important point to Alex's comment. He's waiting for 50K BTC because the downside risk isn't worth it with a lot of Alts until we confirm we're out of a Bear market. We don't have to buy the bottom of the Alts. We just need to survive the Bear then ride the main wave at a safer time.

Custom Covers says:

Becker got rich from getting free coins before launch to promote them, then he sells them after launch, you should know that, he is a snake oil salesman, not long ago he made videos showing people how to sell coffee mugs on shoplift to become a millionaire, if you bought his subscription of course…. and know he's a crypto expert???? cmon mate…… its only now that people are realising Saylor is a con man…. wake up people

Mohamed Kaddouri says:

It's easy he is waiting for btc to take of to buy alts because a lot of em won't take if at all , he just won't signs for the ones that do to buy in

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