Affiliate Marketing For Beginners & An Important WARNING

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Affiliate marketing is great for beginners BUT there are some traps you need to look out for. No Ads! ✔️100% FREE! ✔️NO fluff ✔️NO B.S. ✔️NO Sales Pitch! NEW UPDATE: Get my NEW 🏆 Affiliate Marketing Crash Course 🏆 for FREE, here:

For the free deep dive affiliate marketing training for 2021, watch this next: This free affiliate tutorial is also beginner friendly and it is 100% free.

If you need help finding a niche for your new affiliate website be sure to check out the 5-minute niche finder process here:

Once you have chosen your niche, the next step is to start your blog. Follow this step-by-step tutorial that shows how to build your blog here:

If you are worried about falling for an affiliate marketing scam, be sure to watch this video:

I first started making money online as an affiliate marketer in 2003, over 17 years ago.

I’m living proof that it works, but I can also tell you that there are some big-time predators out there to try and scam beginners out of their hard earned money.

You can launch and build an affiliate marketing business with a tiny investment in website hosting only. From here it is all about creating great content that your audience is searching for in order to rank and drive traffic to your affiliate site.

If you want to learn how to write affiliate blog posts as a beginner, watch this video next:

Maybe you are wondering about the potential with affiliate marketing for beginners.

I didn’t talk about money in this video at all, can you make money as an affiliate?

Well, a little over a year ago I stared a brand new affiliate marketing case study website from zero and built it to earning over $6,000 per month within 1 year.

I documented the process and the results in this video:

Now, you must understand that my results were unique to me. As stated above, I have 17 years of experience as an affiliate marketer so I’m in no way saying you’ll experience these results.

This is what was possible for ME based on my energy, effort, skills, talents, etc.

Your results will be different.

That said, what it does prove is that affiliate marketing is profitable and it works in 2020 and 2021.

I have students (YouTube viewers like you) from all ages and all walks of life who are building real businesses online with affiliate marketing.

From 16 year old gamers to retired grandmothers in their 70’s… The tech is no longer overwhelming and as long as you are ready to persevere and to do the work, this can be a great business.

The biggest mistakes people make is buying into one of the scams that the fake gurus sell and then getting disheartened and giving up too soon.

This is why I made a big deal over the warning in the beginning of this video. You need to know there is an entire industry of predators trying to take advantage of you by selling you an overpriced affiliate marketing course from a high-pressure webinar.

The ‘trick’ to getting all the info you’ll ever need is to just search my name “Miles Beckler” along with your question here in YouTube or in Google.

My YouTube channel: has over 630 videos that will teach you everything you need in order to succeed online.

You need to bring the energy, perseverance and work ethic required to ‘do the work’ for the years it takes to build a real business online.

Work ethic is something that is not very prevalent these days… Maybe you are one of the few who will roll up your sleeves and do what it takes to grow from being a beginner affiliate marketer to a success story.

I want to hear from you if that’s you! Leave a comment and let me know you are in the 1% who will succeed no matter what!

Most people get impatient, the believe the greedy gurus that there is a ‘shortcut’ so they put thousands on a credit card and the ONLY ONE who makes money is the greedy guru.

I’ve seen it thousands of times over…

I hope you make it through the gauntlet of fake affiliate gurus and actually build a real business.

I know you can do it and my videos are here to help.


Miles Beckler


bemom homemaking says:

Thank you, thank you for your information and teaching. I have a YouTube channel and am interested in learning about affiliate marketing. I have a small audience. In this video, you mentioned a longer teaching video. May I have a link to that?

David Sunday says:

How can I start it

jeremiah white says:

why do i feel like there are two types of affiliate marketing… real product promotion and then guys like this and every other one i have seen on you tube that are literally taking advantage of people trying to get into affiliate marketing and selling up and coming marketers marketing tools as their platform…..

Para hexavoctale says:

So, you are telling me that guys like John Crestani and Wesley Virgin are just posers??

tabliqat chi says:

Wow such an amazing video on YouTube… I don't believe it's finished before I even realize I was watching it…!

Eliza J Berberian says:

Thank you so much for not selling anything! I am so sick of listening to everyone giving a little info and then saying "if you want to know more, you need to take my course"!!! I am doing a paper for my business ethics class on deceptive advertising and when I watched a video with classic deceptive commercials from television, an ad came on for Remote Integrator Acadamy…BINGO. Now the ads won't stop coming since I clicked on it to get more information. Grrr.

Hello There says:

I'm sold!! LOL


wow! it's surprising to come across someone acquainted with Mrs. Sochina Tyler. She has really changed my life. Thanks to my brother who referred me to her, she's one of a kind.

Andrew Tran says:

Thank you for sharing from your experiences! It is hard to find honest and trustworthy people in field. Will definitely check out your other videos.

Casey joo says:

Sounds nice. I'd likely not succeed since I'm not much of a social media person and have no kind of followers on anything lol.
Starting a blog would be interesting. I've never looked into exactly what goes into blogging. But wouldn't you need to have a fan base first for the blog to take off?

Kashif McCracken says:

Thanks for the info!!!

Maramind Entertainment says:

Thanks for the great video. Any thoughts on Affiliate Networks?

Nikol86 says:

Is it possible to link a website or blog so we can see how it looks like? I have an idea/strategy in my head how I would do it but I’m not sure if it’s going to be effective.

deyeland says:

I love the not having ads on your educational videos. Thank you.

charles jones says:

I love to learn affiliate marketing but I keep getting scammed

David CovDuk says:

Nice video!!! I was able to build a big income stream during the covid-19 pandemic investing with a professional broker , Mrs Cecilia Mortimore..

uncover_man says:

I'm providing affiliate marketing that doesn't require anybody to buy anything all they have to do is download and launch an app even if the app is uninstalled seconds later you still get paid for the visitor launching of the app.

Karallyn Streit says:

wondering what if we don't have an audience? sounds like we need to build one first?

Hugo Lopez says:

Question, so if I open a website and promote Construction tools, hardware etc and I'm on facebook, tiktok etc and someone post a DIY video. I cant post my web site link on the comments area

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