A WARNING about "FREEDOM" for entrepreneurs… (what it really looks like!)

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Does FREEDOM really exist for entrepreneurs? Can you create a 4-hour work week in as an entrepreneur? I’m going to show you how I’ve mastered “freedom” in my business in this video…

The UGLY Truth of Entrepreneurship: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JMu9pDRU7Bg&list=PLAiq4XXtRPuJxdPzhoCdCqGczgUGN-3KX&index=2

I failed my way to $10,000,000: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rdz80h3SCGk&list=PLAiq4XXtRPuKH0ZT89icMY1TvBBP5x2RN&index=1

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Sue Ellis-Saller - Tarot & Spiritual Marketing says:

This is such excellent advice, Sunny! I really am at the place where I am 100% ready to change my business model and take my life back!

pinktoolgirl says:

You are always a source of inspiration, Sunny. Thanks. I read the book years ago and I need to revisit some of the points you mentioned. I’ve taken YouTube for Bosses and I’ve seen growth! Your encouragement is refreshing!

Damalie Pierre says:

I work hard in my businesses to have more freedom.

Janet's World says:

Thanks for sharing this insight!! It's dope to hear REALITY no sold dreams

Robert C. Brown - Overcome Imposter Syndrome & Scale Your Business says:

Doing more DOESN'T mean doing more of everything. Doing more means sometimes doing less, but doing more that is quality and makes a difference!

Ken Cornwell says:

Good to see you back.

Tiffany Chanell says:

Love how authentic you are Sunny. Thanks for sharing this with us. Loved the scaling example… definitely makes sense. Online training courses was a really smart move… working smarter and not harder. ❤️

Meagan Lewis says:

Yas HAIR!!!

AztecConsulting says:

Hehe your Thailand trip was O.o HOW LONG AGO! ;P Wow how time flies! Happy for all your success Sunny! I remember when…


Quick question. In your posting for an enrollment coach you ask for a person to work 9-5 Monday to Friday. Are they allowed to clock in when ever they want or is the freedom thing 4 hour work week only for owners? Just checking.

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