9/11 Experiments: The Great Thermate Debate

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What’s wrong with mainstream experts?


MsJinkerson says:

can everybody say k 12 it is a cutting device and could have been brought in by an elevator crew because the elevator was being worked on and nobody would question what it was for by security because of the equipment is sometimes used by elevator crews

Major Mazzaroth says:

7:41 watch out for those steel melting donuts !!

Brandon C. says:

Thank you for your research and patriotism

Eddie Johnson says:

The shadow government killed Kennedy, and they did 9/11

CProton69 says:

Here’s some facts. https://youtu.be/N6_aQQLYNw8 not assumption nor theory but facts. It took ten seconds for each tower to collapse and turned to dust as it fell. The pancake effect would have produced seismic data if so. It’s not a simple demolition either.

Captain Kaos says:

Inside job.

Homa Simpson says:

so are you saying the people who originally built the towers intended to bring it down decades later by building thermate into the construction right from the start? no chance.

tristess Kartoffel says:

Funny Americans Make War around the World- but in Real the Terror is right Deeeeep in the State.

Sean Brennan says:

It's funny how they were able to save all the gold but not the people.lmao.inside job!executed by the white house and their good friend who just bought and insured the wtc.and talk about profit.makes ya wonder just what he knew before hand.pays to have friends in very high power

john Baldock says:

I hope your wrong, Please God be wrong, if not were ALL FUCKED!!

Frank Briseno says:

They also used a Direct Energy Weapon. Dustification of the towers.

dirty p says:

Asbestos. 3 billion worth of claims.

NovaDelta says:

warped nigga

amayer182003 says:

Can you imagine how many thousands of people would have to be in on this, not ever have any second thoughts, and be able to keep the secret in order for 9/11 to be a conspiracy?  I think I saw a few "pressure pulses and dust puffs" at a barn fire I witnesses last summer…….just a few

bobo lulu says:

You have forgotten one small but the most important element of your discussion. Who supposedly put this 'thermite' there? It would have taken months and then more to wire a building to ignite this stuff (if it was actually even there) and to even place this 'thermite' there. Who was the company who did the wiring, who was the supplier of the trigger cable and the 'thermite'. Why did no one see people for months and months (more likely a year or more) wiring the building. To wire a building like this take an emmense amount of work – I know, its what I do for a job, wire buildings. Pulling panels off, ceiling tiles, duct ways etc. Why did not one person ever see a contractor doing this and why has a contractor never come forward, or his family saying he was out doing such n such job.

Also, did they wire the entire building from top to bottom or just where the planes hit? Not easy to fly a commercial airliner at 600mph and hit at a particular spot on the buildings. I never saw a big red dot on the building side that marked the 'hit me here' spot.

Everyone says 'Bush and Cheney' did this, actually, I doubt they could even climb a ladder to get to a ceiling tile. It takes thousands of hours to wire buildings and hundreds of people and materials and yet not one person has found a company that has supplied trigger cable or thermite suppliers or manpower.

If it did have thermite on the towers, why didnt they just wire up the foundation supports in the basement and not near the top? Would have been far easier to do it this way that up the top of the building – and then to try and guide an airplane to hit at the same spot where the supposed 'thermite' is laid – and then only hope that the building would fall. If you want a building to fall, you do the foundations not near the bloody top!

Too many of these so-called theorists have really no idea about the reality of how engineering works and try to explain their argument with internet based facts and figures that they dont even understand.

I couldnt believe that crap about 'bolt blasters' in the outside coloums. Who put them there? Who took the buildings apart to fit them? Where did the run the trigger wires to? Who did the work? No one saw NOT ONE construction worker do this – no company had enlisted the manpower to do this, no worker has ever come forward to say so. No one saw contractor vans outside the towers month after month hauling in cabling and explosives.

Its all very well to try and come up with theories, but to get these theories to work is the big part. As I said, why did they put their 'bolt blasters' near the top of the building when in the basement it would have been a quick, easy job.

As for this 'finding traces of thermite' – well, I see you used common products in your tests that are found in lots of material in the buildings and that are compounds used in thermite, so you're really grasping at straws with that one.

Too much dreaming and not enough practical thought. Until you can find one of the workers who supposedly put this stuff in the building, or the company that supplied manpower and equipment, I suggest you stop buggering around with your experiments.

Fernando Solimando says:

Could it be that thermate was already installed in pre-specified places of the Towers as a 'safety' design -intended to protect Lower Manhattan or the neighbouring twin tower by assuring that if one of the Towers experienced a fire powerful enough to activate the thermate reaction above a certain floor (the second or third Skylobby level perhaps?) the building would just pancake down instead of toppling on top of the others?
The other scenario I could think of why I would add thermate in the higher floors would be for insurance claims purposes: How expensive would it have been to repair the buildings which were always expected to survive such hits? Pre-installed thermate would assure that any damage on those floors guaranteed a complete collapse of the building and blaming the collapse on the fire would be very easy to claim.

steve clapper says:

It is all very simple 1)because all these events are linked together if anyone of them is a lie then they are all a lie 2) look at the picture of the Pentagon and it is obvious that a plane didn't hit there.

Camping for everyone else... says:

What a pile of bollocks. So many reasons this couldn’t have happened

Harley Me says:

thats honestly beside the point… what they do know is the jetfuel in those planes Could NOT burn hot enough to melt those girders. this was a test done by scientists ffs so it doesnt matter. something other then those planes took dont the towers in a demolition like manner. oh right,, high objects that get hit my large objects tend to fall over, not fall straight down into there own footprint

A smoking ChickenFish says:

3:29 I would like to see this so called ''peer reviewed report''.

Doc Rose says:

I don't want to believe it was our Government but that they didn't want us to know how easy it was for terrorists to go unnoticed and set the stage for this, then fly jets into the towers. I believe it had to take both to work. A cover up was to save face for our security leaders and the Presidency for dropping the ball on their watch.

Craig Hutchinson says:

So who's right it's time to trust the media after all they wouldn't lie to us

Dave Farr says:

Just pray that there is a special place for the pieces of shit like the owner of the buildings who know what really happened.

Jose Peixoto says:

So,what is he saying? planes or bombs?i have no time,too many videos to watch…
But the following makes me lean towards planes; i've been thinking about this all along,since i heard and searched about the absolutely amazing thermite; railroad thermite welding:

Linux Jedi AKA Big Evil says:

Isn't it 3,000 kelvin ? To melt steel

Malcolm VonBurg says:

911 was an inside jobby-job.

chaba72 says:

soooo stupid lol

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