7 WORST Online Business Ideas To Start In 2020!

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Whats the worst online business ideas of 2020? this is what you should NOT be doing in 2020 and are not the best ideas.
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The best business ideas 2020 are not always going to work for you. Most people will tell you the best ideas but it’s time I show you the worse online business ideas in 2020. making money online is a little harder right now do you need to choose the right online business.

If you are looking for some business ideas at home then you need to watch this entire video. You might think Amazon FBA is a good business to start, it’s really not at all. What about social media marketing agency? nope, don’t even bother starting that. It’s important that you understand 2020 is going to be a bad year for business.

So what is the best business to start in 2020? In my opinion i think it’s affiliate marketing because you don’t rely on having your own product. It’s easy to get free traffic for your affiliate marketing products as well. i you would like more information on how to start an affiliate marketing business check out my videos below.

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Franklin Hatchett says:

Online replying to ALL questions!

Indre M says:

Building e-shops and e commerce beginner consultancy is actually huge in my area, coz everyone is desperate to get online while their physical shops are closed.

Brett Slansky says:

Ha! Thank you Franklin for giving out your ideas. Now I will not waste my time on doing something that would notbring me money. I have also a ecommerce store where I sell party goods like masks, costumes etc… and for the past month I get only 1 sale a day. So thank you quarantine! At least I have some affiliate sites and channels on YouTube otherwise I will be KO! LOL…

Sylvie Eymin says:

What do you think about the Ariella & Westley Virgin Done for you program? Is it valuable to pay that price at this time? Is your affiliate Course better, thn you give as well lot of value…

Global Rush says:

The shipping fees from China are HUGE!

But my Amazon account has increased in sales due to the isolation ✌️

Eric Irani says:

Great video Franklin

Ligma Dickson says:

Why does your own ad pop up in your video? Lol

Don Luepnitz says:

I lost a good chunk of money on Amazon FBA , one of the reasons I am following Franklin

ViibeZ says:


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