7 Ways To MAKE MONEY ONLINE in 2020

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BLOG POST: https://journalistontherun.com/2020/03/25/make-money-online-2020/

Today I’m going to be talking about the top 7 ways to make money online, tried and tested by either me or my friends.

These are really difficult times for everyone so if you’ve temporarily lost your job or need to supplement your income, I hope these unique ideas will help you get starting earning money from home. 

In order they are:
1. Teaching Online using VIPKid or PalFish
2. Blogging (different niches)
3. YouTube (how to make money)
4. Content Writing (UpWork and Fiverr)
5. Selling stock footage (ShutterStock and Envato)
6. Become a Virtual Assistant
7. Make your own course (Udemy or Skillshare, plus affiliates)

I also talk about Jukin Media and Rumble, which are sites where they licence your clips to be used in viral videos on news sites and Facebook pages and even TV shows around the world.


swankeramit dadangkumar says:

This is okay but I recommend to use InfluencersEarn . com ,it's the best imo, don't just take my word for it and see

William Mathieson says:

Hi Janet, thanks for sharing. I will take a look at these options, and share your video to give others some great ideas.


LENNY aaron says:

Using payingmecash,wordpress,com makes me happy

dream2 ceylone says:

Make videos for video editing what is the good software details &which software you recommend thanks.


Thanks for the info and tips I am making money online too and made a video about it.

Asim Tahir says:

Janet your face color matches your shirt it's just a reflection or screen shyness? Great ideas how can we fit book writing into it.?

SpreadingJoy* says:

Very helpful, thank you!

yenom says:

Ways to make money online.

Bread Chasers says:

Hey Janet, These are some really great ideas. Another good one could be offering 1 on 1 consultations online. Obviously, mental health is a huge problem right now due to isolation. Stay safe everyone!

Dave Duffy says:


sagara samarasinghe says:

This is the foremost issue after the viral infection itself. Majority of people are facing severe fincial difficulties at the moment. You are doing a great job just addressing the issue in the right manner. Very helpful to say the least. Keep up the good work. God bless you maam.

Anuradha Abhayawardhana says:

Thanks for sharing this important video. I'm from Sri Lanka. Except few points you mentioned I've tried this a long ago. But in our region we have very less chances. Do you know any sites which provide opportunities for countries like Sri Lanka?
Anyway I'm your fan( your travel vblog)

hanif ahamed says:

Thank you dear

HRM Sri Lanka says:

I enjoy your top 7 ways to make money online video. There are good ideas.

jcsufi says:

this is awesome Janet

Carlos Leão says:

Thank You Dear!

Azarriah Lovett says:

I really enjoyed this video, I am about to try some and work on fixing my channel to support people.

Alexander Obika says:

I can teach you how to create weebly website

SL Easy Step says:

Pls give me the web site domain.am from Sri lanka

one truth says:

Geat video janet,
Thumbs up.

Theodor says:

Amazing video, Janet! Great and original tips! Hugs from Sweden

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