4 Steps to Create an Online Course Curriculum that People want to Buy

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Ready to craft an online course that not only sells but also stands the test of time? Dive into this video where I reveal the top 4 steps to create a curriculum that resonates with your audience. From identifying your ideal client’s journey to transitioning to a scalable, pre-recorded format, this video has got you covered. Plus, discover the secret to choosing the right hosting platform for maximum impact. Don’t miss out on these game-changing insights! Watch the full video now and meet me in the comments!
▪ 12 Steps to Create and Structure a High Ticket Online Course https://youtu.be/NvViR0suM1o
▪ 4 Steps to validate your course idea
▪ How to sell an online course (from an 8-figure course creator)
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00:00 Intro
00:32 – Introduction to the importance of a well-structured online course curriculum.
02:15 – The pitfalls of not understanding your ideal client’s journey.
04:03 – The concept of creating your curriculum backward.
06:47 – The importance of testing a prototype curriculum in a live setting.
09:20 – Transitioning from live to a pre-recorded course format.
11:45 – Tips for choosing the right hosting platform for your course.
13:30 – Real-life examples of successful online course creators.
15:50 – Conclusion and invitation to further resources.


Sunny Lenarduzzi says:

If you're ready to jump off the revenue rollercoaster and start bringing in consistent clients to find peace and profitability in your business then schedule a call with a course design advisor on our team now! https://www.sunnylenarduzzi.com/apply?utm_source=YouTube&utm_medium=video

Sara Schaffer says:

Appreciate your energy and proven insights! Plan to make a class and have several ideas right now. Thinking and weighing options as to where to begin.

Anastasia Trubaeva says:

Yess! Thank you! I am currently planning to create a language learning course. You gave me a lot of insights, thank you!
PS: I don't if that's just me but I don't have sound on the video of Free Training page..

Sungria_Bellydance黃凱欣肚皮舞 says:

I want to create Bellydance online course

R M says:

Yes!! Another video packed full of super relevant, actionable information! Thanks Sunny! ❤

Gustavo Tagliassuchi says:

Very good and very practical. If you allow me in the future I will make a version of this content, linking to you of course!

Tanya Aliza says:

Such a great video. You explained the concept of creating your curriculum backward really well!

Katie Clarke says:

Great information, thank you so much

Desde3 says:

I understand but it's complicated to understand my leads' hero journey

Courses x Casey says:

YES!! (Amazing as always)

Dwaine Hartman says:

Trust is the key and I trust you I have watched many others but Sunny the first word that comes to mind when i say your name is trust …I WAS going to say good job but I don't think Trust is something you put on I feel it is who you are

Creativesteve69 says:

Sunny very much YESSSSS!!!!

Robert J Lopicola says:

Thank you so much for EVERYTHING you offer. Amazing. I am just about to do my POP – "I help ambitious men who are hopelessly addicted to sex and pornography go from isolation and shame to a life of financial security, authentic relationships, and a significantly improved level of health and fitness so that they can thrive as extraordinary individuals. Basically, I take them from where they are now to a place of power and strength." I am grateful for you and all your information that will guide my business to transformation and of course all the people I can help to transform their lives as mine has. Thank you Thank you Thank you.

Scott Resnick MD says:

Sunny, this was a very opportune time for me to watch this video. I've been working on my course for too long. And you are so right– it's too long, too involved, and I am trying to erroneously build versions 2 and 3 into v.1. I have a longer, more far-reaching vision beyond this initial prototype. But today's video made me realize that the long game needs to iterate over time. If I try to build it all out now, it will overwhelm, and nobody will benefit- principally and notably the people who desperately need my course. Thanks!

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