15 Hour Day in Cape Coast City (Ghana's huge city on Africa's coastline)

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Exploring Ghana’s huge coastal city, the incredible Cape Coast. My instagram: https://www.instagram.com/indigo.traveller/
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Intro song, Axel Thesleff – Akasha:

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Stef In Canada says:

I don't think I have ever seen a real photo of Ghana slaves before. That was so heartbreaking.. you can see the sadness in their eyes

Ajay NagarajaRao Poshettihally Bhima Rao says:

Ghanaians are so Innocent people, very honest, love them.

Nishant Pachori says:

This Guy is amazing

Weezy Felder says:

U can look at where they at and see the hard ship why ask poor people and struggling people such an dumb question

TechOnsole says:

is religion being use as business by the locals?

adit says:

West should give their manufacturing business to african nations.

Quarshie Amaney says:

What's the purpose of this program, if this guy isn't in position to help these guys??

Argooh says:

Im sold! Get started on that Bridge from Africa to Europe immediately. Open borders, let's go.

Omara says:

Indigo Traveller: You should visit Adjiringanor Accra, lets see the other side of Ghana instead of poverty and dread all the time.

For_The Exhale says:

May be a dumb question but … is there property taxes in these countries?

Impartial69 says:

Do u eat your own food

Mangalore days says:

Ghana is a beautiful country with nice people. I have worked in Ghana before for Lesdep Ghana. Any government coming into power should try to give free education for ur kids. Without good education no country can progress.

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