12 STEPS to Create & Structure a High Ticket Online Course That Sells (Start to Finish)

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Get ready to unlock the secrets to creating a high-ticket online course that truly sells! We’re going to dive deep into a step-by-step guide, curated from my years of expertise and proven strategies that have generated millions. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to refine your online education business, this video is packed with value. From identifying the perfect course topic to mastering evergreen traffic sources, every minute is a goldmine of information so hit play and then meet me in the comments to let me know your #1 takeaway.

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00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:30 – Identify a Profitable Course Topic
00:03:45 – Market Research & Audience Building
00:06:15 – Create a Transformative Curriculum
00:08:30 – Name Your Program
00:10:00 – Price Based on Outcome Value
00:12:15 – Pre-Sell Your Course
00:14:45 – Deliver & Structure the Program
00:17:00 – Collect Feedback & Improve
00:19:30 – Turn Live Content into Pre-Recorded Curriculum
00:21:45 – Establish an Evergreen Traffic Source
00:24:00 – Know Your Business Numbers
00:26:15 – Reinvest in the Business


Sunny Lenarduzzi says:

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Desde3 says:

Thank you very much. It's so hard to get results. I will implement what you said. For the YouTube part, it's complicated because my niche is in computer science and all they want is to teach them directly on YouTube and I don't want that.

Rosalie Muir says:

Sounds great Sunny, I have 981 Subscribers, do I still have to have 1000 to do this?

5cotty says:

What format do we upload our videos??

I’ve understood that is has to be saved to YouTube, then uploaded to our portal.

If so, I suppose that we keep it private on YouTube and upload to our portal??

Is there any other way to upload our videos to our host/ portal?

mike nebgen says:


I have not started making videos, yet. What I do have is 140+ pages of scripts with 135 different subjects, so far. And 50 years of business, corporate and small. Without explaining too much – If I refer people to a book that they can get at Barnes & Noble or a display rack that they can get at Display2Go or U Line how do I get paid from that? (without AdSense). And Congratulations on the upcoming birth of your child.

Izzy Joe says:

By far the most valuable and no nonsense content in creating online education. You're amazing. Thank you for this!

Gigi Noel says:

❤ Really appreciate this as it has made me realize I do have something I can teach, after going so long with thinking I had no skills to teach.

DrJMike says:

Transformation Statement = I help you get stronger, more powerful and break through training plateaus!

Jennifer | Productivity & Child-free Living says:

I help overworked and overwhelmed child-free business owners gain clarity and time so they can have more fun, freedom, flexibility to fully embrace they no-kid lifestyle.

PurplePup LLC says:

I help animal lovers who are at odds with monotonous 9-5 work and disheartening gig-work go from feeling tired, undervalued and fearful they will never have a chance to make a difference to owning their own successful flight nanny business and traveling full time with pets so that they can give joy, get joy and live financially free.

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