11 September 2018 – Current Affairs – PIB, Indian Express,Yojana, -Nano Magazine in Hindi By VeeR

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Singh Singh says:

Cyprus nicosia . Euro
Bulgaria sofia bulgarian ley
Czech prague czech koruna

tapanjeet roy says:

thanks for uploading it sir

ravi ravi says:

sir polity ki complete pdf kaha milegi

Shivani Sharma says:

Rani ki vaav situated on the river sarawati

Hardik Rathod says:

Rani ki vav
Qu 1= Sarswati river
Qu 2=Rani Udaymati (Wife of bhimdev Solanki)
Qu 3 = in 2014 UNESCO…

Jyoti beniwal says:

sir provide link for august nano magazine pdf

Lalu Lalu says:

Rani ki vow situated at the bank of saraswati river
Itwas built by king bhima
Unesco gave the world heritage tag on 22 june 2014

IMD formed in 1875 headquarters in new delhi

25th september pandit deen dayal updhayay aniversary

Australian open roger Federer
French open Rafael Nadal
Wimbledon open Novak Djokovic

123 amendment bill constitute the power of OBC

President ramnath kovind unveiled the statue of Manama gandhi at sofia ,Bulgaria

Lalu Lalu says:

Sir beard me app or bhi smart lg rhe hai

saurav vats says:

earthquake ko detect krna..not possible

saumya pandey says:

A statue of mahatma Gandhi is inaugurated in Sofia n also Hindi chair established in Sofia.


Sir good evening,
Sir Just I want to ask a question that – kya India ne COMCASA sign karke accha kiya , aapka kiya view h.

biplab biswas says:

Sir use general letter. Zebra letter is bad for reading.

Namami India says:

jai hind…..

Ashish Bhardwaj says:

123rd c.a bill 2017 – passes by 2/3rd majority on ncbc constitutional status…

Ashish Bhardwaj says:

Aus open( Roger fedrer of Switzerland vs Marin cilic of crotia)
French open also k/as Roland garros – clay coat
(Rafael Nadal of Spain vs Dominic this of Austria)
Wimbeldon champ
(Novak Djokovic of Serbia vs Kevin Anderson of South Africa)

Piyush Singh says:

123rd amend. NCBC

Ashish Bhardwaj says:

Snow leapord
I am from dehradun uttrakhand..
I would like to share..
*gangotri national park(largest in u.k-uttrakashi district) work on conservation of snow lep.
*Govind national park(uttrakashi district) conservation of snow lep work under process

Ashish Bhardwaj says:

M.gandhi ki statue inauguration by prez,
ND Hindi chair in Sofia University.. Cyprus (Asia me hai yaa Europe me..? )
Merius asia me dikhaari hai ..

Ashish Bhardwaj says:

25 Sept bday ko hai den dayal upadhyay ji kaa..

Ashish Bhardwaj says:

"Shandar tarike kaa huricane"
Hahaha.. shandar Galt baat pe use kr diyaa aapne aaj… Aapkaa takiya Kalam "shandar"

Ashish Bhardwaj says:

"Rani ki vav"
Discussed in currency lecture of yours..
on the bank of sarswati river,
Kind bhima constructed it in 9th century,
Unesco world heritage on 22june 2014


>>> Rani ki Vav : On the bank of Saraswati River
Built in 11th Century in the memory of King Bhima
: Became UNESCO`s World Heritage in 22 June 2014
>>> Indian Meteorological Department : Formation : 1875
: Founder : Henry Barnfold
: Headquarter : New Delhi
>>>Sofia :Sofia University , Bulgaria . Here President Ramnath Kovind unvieled Mahatma Gandhi`s statue
>>> 2018 Australia Open Champion : Men`s — Rafael Nadal , Women`s — Caroline
2018 French Open Champion : Men`s : Roger Federror , Women`s : Simona
2018 Wimbledon : Men`s : Novac Djokovic , Women`s : Angelioque Kerver
>>> 123rd Amendment : Constitutional Status to National Commission of Backward Classes

pinky Rani says:

1.Rani ki vav is on the bank of the river Saraswati and was initially built as a memorial to king in the century 11th AD. Queen Udaymati commissioned this stepwell in 1063 AD in the memory of her husband king Bhimdev -1 of the Solanki dynasty .it get UNESCO World Heritage site in 22 June 2014.
2.IMD was founded in 1875 by Henry blaford its headquarter is in Delhi.
3. 25th September birth anniversary of Pandit Deendayal Upadhyay .
4.president Ramnath kobind unvail statue of Mahatma Gandhi in Sofia recently.
5 .Australian men single won by Rodger Federer, French Open by Rafael Nadal and be wimbeldon open by Novak Djokovic.
6.amendment 123 bill 2017 is seeks to give constitutional status to the National Commission for backward classes.

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