10AdsPay Review – Scam?

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10 Ads Pay Review – Scam or Legit Business? find out the truth at:

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Navya B says:

Hello dear Jose Nunes, This is navya, Admin of 10AdsPay FB group. I seen your video and i want to confirm few things.

1) Your ticket will never be closed without answering. I contacted support team and they said they resent email to you. Due to spam restrictions some mails are missing delivery to email domains other than gmail. We asked our members many times to use gmail only. Anyway we are bringing validation very very soon.

2) Website plan and traffic plan is same its mere confusing which we already explained you in ticket actually.

3) We acknowledge the issue with static banner. And we really appreciate your feedback regarding the same. Due to ongoing enhancements pushed recently this piece of code seems to be broken. It will be adressed soon.

Thanks 🙂

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