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Michael Moyers says:

I'm good crypto and good wingman

CM says:

crypto is pretty broken with good teammates

JuicyDuragoat says:

instead of going into your invotory and clicking the ult exellerant just press the putton that you use to do your ult when it ready and it will pull out the ult exel on its own and start charging it

DeHestMann says:

“They’re pissed, they’re pissed, they’re already in my DM’s” LMFAO, I was dying.

Joey brah says:

MATCH1N is number 1

DANNYonPC says:

UAV is online

Redst3r says:

All im actually wondering is how the game is running so smooth for people. My pc is fine but my game simply doesnt run so smooth

Rapha says:

this is a very serious accusation considering that you killed little compared to the pro players, and you can even be a predator but who guarantees that you really got such a patent just playing crypto, and you would not be the number one player of crypto feared in view that it was few times that you took advantage of the character's abilities most of your eliminations were with your own ability

I'm not scolding or being an asshole I'm just saying that there are a lot of better pro players and that they get more out of the character. BEAUTY?

binchickenlmao says:

love the content, becoming a much better support in ranked from watching u <3

Lurrish IX says:

Not ranked 1

Shayan Imani says:

Has there been a bug recently about getting ranked assists when scanning for teammates?

Nick_s_06 says:

Your trash at crypto

Daydreamer says:

I am crypto main too but not good as you more crypto plz

Helix says:

Insane match, That's an outrageous teamwork. Sometimes only 2 of your teammate was fighting and they won.
I need to carry more accelerant, More crypto matches pleaseee.

Alex Ouradnik says:

Your a legend n much love to you

Jumpman Joe says:

Yay more crypto

Peridot says:

Yes more crypto!
This is what I needed.

Duncan Boys1 says:

Do a overwatch vid

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