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Staked Wallet Review – Watch BEFORE You Join
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Could it be the best alternative to Atomic Wallet, Coinbase, Coinomi, Exodus Wallet. Does it have all these features listed below? Watch and find out!
Manage, Exchange, Stake, and Buy all your favorite assets in one secure interface. Secure: Your private keys are encrypted and never leave your device. You fully control your funds. Anonymous: No accounts, no verification, no KYC for basic features in the wallet. No one can block your funds. Currently supports all top blockchains and more than 500 tokens. Earn passive crypto income with seamless 1 click staking on any device: Cosmos ATOM, Tezos XTZ, Ontology ONT, Komodo KMD, Tron TRX, NEO, Vechain VET, Algorand ALGO, Cardano ADA. Hoping for Energi NRG to be added. Also prefer it to Celcius, Monarch, MetaMask, and Trust Wallet? 🤔🤔🤔 Not a typical presentation.

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