🔥WARNING! Crowd1 Scam Review 2020 | Crowd1 Online Network Marketing Exposed

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In this Crowd1, review I am showing you the ugly truth behind this company. If you have a plan to invest in the company, be sure to check the video for more details. Especially #Ethiopians
🔥WARNING! Crowd1 Scam Review 2020 | Crowd1 Online Network Marketing Exposed
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Tesfaye Tsega says:

Mejemeriya bedenbe teredawe birr lemagegnet beleh azebarek

Ethiopreneur says:

Its mlm(pyramid scheme) and the people who join last lossess,dont be fulled!

Jesus is Lorede says:

ወድሜ ከምር ለህዝቡ አስበህ ነው ለማንኛውም መጀመሪያ በቂ እውቀት ይኑርህ

david lazarev says:

check this out !!!! bbc report on crowd one https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M0EjjArvzXA guys its a total scammmmmmm

Bright Info ብራይት ኢንፎ says:

ሰውን አታሳስት

Bright Info ብራይት ኢንፎ says:

አይ ሀበሻ

zelalem kassahun says:

Have you ever seen a tax paying scam?

Neba hoper says:

hahh wshet lemehon metwekya ayasfelgm

ETHIO TECH with JayP says:

I'm so happy you are keeping people aware of this many people I know have gotten into this and myself included here is an example https://youtu.be/Dib2BdRhZzg

Wegene Deme says:

Busineaa eko new, ante lemitferaw demo fear of loss bonus alew

Joel says:

The government needs to step in they always target poor African and Asian countries they leave with billions

Joel says:

I knew it was fake they didn't even try hard to cover up. Respect to you for exposing them. Berta.

Maykmoke says:

Yehe mat eko jest Bitcoin new

Biruk Worku says:

Yasbkewn becha atleflef I have used it have cashed out money bro

yeabu konjo says:

የሆንክ ሰነፍ እና ውሸትም ሰርተህ ሳይሆን አጭበርብረህ የምትበላ የማታውቀውን የምታወራ ነህ


Crowd-1 best sight to get paid , sign up for free

Ake Boss says:

21 century መሀይብ የስንት ኢትዮጵያውያን እንጀራ እየዘጋክ
የራስክን ቢዝነስ በየቱብ ትሰራለክ አይደል
Pls ethiopian አትፎገሩ በዚ ቀሽም ሰው ወሬ

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