💥Boooom! Coinbase Custody Launches- Markets Soar! / BTCC Chinese Exchange Reopens!

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Michael says:

00:10 Introduction
01:01 Market Overview
02:31 BTCC Chinese Exchange Reopens
04:23 Psychology of a Market Cycle
06:03 Coinbase Custody Launches
12:53 Conclusion

Cryptoexpander says:

Coinbase Custody is bigger news than people realize, hello big money!

Anila Mathew says:

yep, it is nice to hear such wonderful news..Omar you are always on the right track :)..Recently I heard about Nebilo. While googled it shows they have huge potential. Could you please post a review about them..?

Smartcash California says:

Omar to the Mooooon!! #SmartcashSponsor!!

Peter Pan says:

$8500 by this end of July. Easy.

Simply Connected says:

Great vid Omar, this custodial issue is really encouraging. The absolutely great thing about Crypto is that any individual can set up their own highly secure custodial system, with paper wallets and cold storage and pass phrases and encryption and so on, and be their own "Swiss Bank".

Lee Mooney says:

Great info , just 1 question what is a ETF ? And how could it affect the crypto market ?

eyzoff says:

Please guys increase your steak while you can, dont think theres a bull run until regulation gets sorted. One day Boys and girls

Joe says:

The coin market cap volume is about 33% more than it was last year at this time. $270M vs $180M – this time next year (2019) based on institutional investment group deposits it could be 10x $2.7B in the consolidation phase / buying time of the year Q2-Q3 2019

Jamie Smith says:

Thanks for the video I love your enthusiasm


Noooo notifications for your videos in a minute, AND I keep getting unsubscribed to this channel! Wtf is going on with YT??

daniel rickerbaker says:

Thanks for the good news, my good man!! I’m ecstatic!!

Simon Case says:

Seems consensus is this is a bull trap.

I think we must be close to the bottom.

Time will tell. I'm hodling regardless

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